Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What about the pre-tribulation rapture?

Where do the pre-tribulation rapture theory originated? The pre-tribulation rapture originated over in England. The theory, it has all but vanished away there. But still in America the literal concept lives on, and it is at the local church level it persists strongly. Unfortunately, many have swallowed the new teaching "hook, line and sinker."

Morgan Edwards was born in May 9, 1722, in Trevethin Parish, Monmoughshire, Wales about 100 miles from Bristol, England. He died in 1795, long before Margaret Macdonald was ever born, and long before J.N. Darby ever developed his pre-tribulation rapture theory. In fact, the book by Morgan Edwards gives us his views on eschatology. His book was published in 1788- ever before Emmanuel Lacunza's book was completed in manuscript from 1790.

The fact of the matter is that Edwards published the teaching of a pre-tribulation rapture long be before Margaret Macdonald and J. N. Darby. Edwards' first pastorate was a small church in Boston England. Seven years later he became pastor of Baptist church in Cork, England. It was here he was ordained to the ministry in 1757.

Edwards then resigned from the pastorate after 10 years, and in 1771 became an itinerant evangelist, helping the churches of the Southern colonies from the Philadelphia Baptist Association. Morgan Edwards in America was "one of the most important and influential Baptist leaders during the latter part of the eighteenth century." "He is mentioned in all of the history of Baptists in the United States."

Edwards was highly influential in the Baptist life of America. He was the first historian of Baptists in America. Albert Henry Newman's in his book (A History of the Baptist Church in the United States 1894). said Morgan Edwards certainly did bring "strange things" to the Baptist people in America in 1788.

Edwards believed that the "lake of fire, brimstone was "on the moon"! Edwards was a literalist, so far as the New Testament was concerned, but not as much as with the Old Testament. Edwards believed that Abraham looked for a real literal city. He acknowledged the Bible was the word of God, while not denying the textual difficulties.

It was believed that a fifteen year old girl in Scotland by the name of Margaret Macdonald was the originator of pre-tribulation teaching in 1830.

It was also believed that the lrvingites in England started publishing this teaching in 1830 after getting it from Margaret Macdonald. It has been published that she was the first ever to teach a pre-tribulation rapture. At any rate, it was in 1830, forty-two years after Morgan Edwards book was published, in Philadelphia Pa. We know now that she was not the originator of the pre-tribulation rapture teaching.

Morgan Edwards was the first to ever teach a pre-tribulation rapture. Edwards' book was published in 1788. According to Edwards, the Rapture should have accused 3 ½ years before the beginning of the Millennium in 1996. This means that the "literal rapture" should have accused in 1993.

From what source did Morgan Edwards get his theory of the pre-tribulation rapture, or was it something that he devised in his own mind independently of others? From statements he made, he evidently felt he was teaching something new. And who was the first to cope it from Edwards in America? It's difficult to believe that the teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture was not preached also from the various pulpits where Edwards ministered.

One doesn't usually write a book to tell how its influential Baptist leader devised things in his own mind. Unfortunately, many Christians today, don't know anything about this historical fact and it is at the church level who is last to find out.